Sliding Doors

We specialize in supplying and installing both Cor Vision and Cor Vision Plus windows, renowned for their superior quality and modern design.

sliding door installation

Cor Vision Sliding Door

This minimalistic aluminium sliding door system, especially suitable for large dimensions, allows to have the maximum luminosity with the minimum visible section of aluminium, and makes possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 90%.

With the interlocking frame of only 20mm in CorVision and 25mm in larger CorVision Plus Sliding Doors, and concealed frames this system offers truly unobstructed panoramic views from your living room.  

cortizo cor vision sliding door for large dimension

Cor Vision Plus

Core Vision Plus Aluminium Sliding Doors are a premium sliding door that look fantastic in modern and traditional properties alike. With the super slimline aluminium profile, you’re getting more glazing area per square inch.

Outstanding glazing capacity allowing installation of glass up to 54mm wide which is more than enough for even the heaviest acoustic and thermal specialised glass types.